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About University

Yaşar University is a foundation university founded by the Selçuk Yaşar Sports and Education Foundation in Izmir in 2001. University started education in the 2002-2003 academic year.

Yaşar University’s goal is to educate students as individuals equipped with academic-professional knowledge, self-confident, socially responsible, artistic sensibility and to prepare them for a career life where their dreams will come true.

In line with the goal of Yaşar University, under the “Science Culture Department” has created a different culture by giving courses on “Design Culture”, “Project Management”, “Research and Methodology”, “Human Sciences”, “Ethics”, “Aesthetics” and “Social Responsibility” by ensuring that these concepts are easily adopted by students.

Yaşar University has the distinction of being a “City University” with a campus located in the most central part of İzmir. With the living campus, Yaşar University offers you the latest technological facilities, a wide range of department opportunities and expert academic staff.



The Most Preferred Foundation University in Aegean Region for Five Years
Yaşar University ranks first among the most preferred foundation universities between 2015 and 2019.

Academic staff
With its staff consisting of 452 academicians trained in the most prestigious universities of the world, Yaşar University is proud to instill science in its students while making their dreams come true for 19 years.

Foreign Language Opportunities
Yaşar University, whose education language is English, also provides education in German, French, Italian, Spanish, Russian, Japanese and Portuguese as a second foreign language education opportunity.

Cooperation with the Sector
Yasar University, Turkey’s most reliable is the company’s foundation, which was established within the university’s hosting of Yasar Holding. Our students and graduates of our university, which was established by the Selçuk Yaşar Sports and Education Foundation, also have internship and job opportunities in Yaşar Group companies.

In addition, Yaşar University, which aims to prepare students for a successful professional life, brings together sector representatives, students and graduates with “Career Days” events organized by the Career and Alumni Center Directorate throughout the academic term.

Opportunities Abroad
Yaşar University, with the support of Erasmus Programs, has cooperation and exchange agreements in 236 universities in 28 different EU countries. It has been awarded the “Erasmus Success Story” award by the European Commission.

Under the ISEP International Student Exchange Program, we have undergraduate and graduate level exchange agreements with 289 universities in 50 different countries around the world. However, we have bilateral agreements with many distinguished universities such as USA, Australia and England.

Technological Infrastructure
There are many laboratories, studios and public areas equipped with the latest technology available to our students according to their specialization areas.

Computer lab, CAD / CAM lab, ergonomics lab, language lab, electronics lab, conference room, pocket cinema, courtroom, gym, fitness room, strategy games room, painting and graphic workshops, outdoor lecture hall, architecture workshop. Nearly 500 computers serve in 14 laboratories in total.

Campus in the City Center and Easy Transportation
There is the Izmir metro station, 10 meters across from our campus, the bus station 5 minutes from the ring road and Adnan Menderes Airport, which can be reached in 15 minutes. Especially, transportation to the city center by metro provides great convenience in a short time.

Accreditation (ECTS)
Yaşar University English Preparatory Class is the first Turkish program to be accredited in the field of English education by obtaining CEA accreditation in 2011. Yaşar University English Preparatory Class is one of 96 English education programs with CEA accreditation in the world, and it is the ninth program in the world, except for the USA. The Department of Industrial Engineering, Electrical and Electronics Engineering has the 3-year MÜDEK (Engineering Education Programs Evaluation and Accreditation Association) Accreditation and the EUR-ACE Label.
Faculty of Communication has been accredited by the Communication Education Evaluation Accreditation Board for 5 years for Radio, Television and Cinema Department, 2 years for Public Relations and Advertising Department and 2 years for Visual Communication Design Department.

UFND (Corporate Essentials)
Within the scope of Corporate Basic Courses, there are 7 courses that all students studying at Yaşar University have to take, namely Design Culture, Project Management, Research and Methodology, Human Sciences, Ethics, Aesthetics, Social Responsibility Project.

Institutional Basic Courses, in order to contribute to the solution of all vital problems by transforming basic sciences into a way of life, besides the professional competencies of the students, gain difference, privilege and superiority, enrich both past and current general cultural knowledge and equip them with additional competencies.

Sports Achievements
Yaşar University sees sports as an important element of academic success. Yasar University, volleyball for women in team sports, while in men’s basketball, American football branches and windsurfing in individual sports, such as triathlon in space is achieving success in Turkey and worldwide.

Quick Facts
Total Number of Students 9484
Total Number of Staff 452
Total Number of Educational Programmes 86
Associate Degree Programmes : 13
Bachelor’s Degree Programmes : 31
Master’s Degree Programmes : 33
PhD Degree Programmes : 9