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Established in 2011, Üsküdar University received its first students in the 2012-2013 academic year.

The Purpose of Üsküdar University is; specializing in Behaviours Health and Sciences to perform all the groundwork necessary for the production of knowledge, projects, and academic subjects, to raise funds for this production, to organize partnerships, and to train qualified individuals.

Üsküdar University is Turkey’s first thematic university in the field of Behavioural and Health Sciences. Under the doctrine of “Integrated approach from Mathematics to Philosophy, from Social Sciences to Health Sciences” with the multidisciplinary approach by implementing the methods of Bioengineering, Brain Imaging, Neuroscience, Genetics, Information Science, Sociology, Psychology, Theology, Communication Science, the realization of the vision of good service to human health, community’s mental health and production of the projects and trained staff.

Basic values of Üsküdar University; respectful to all human values, adhering to the universal law, national law, universal and scientific values, open to change and innovation, responsive to environmental awareness, focus on training the students by holding high standards, be a leading, prominent, and universal University by providing added value and contribution to the regional development, not to discriminate religion, language, race, nationality, sex, colour and any diverse views, embracing plurality, democratic participation and sharing, preserving the basic values of the society, emphasizing the social utility and being sensitive to social problems, adhering to equality, reliability and rationality principles.

To seek, gather, transmit, and preserve information and to follow a method pursuing excellence in research, production, sharing, and divulgation to attach importance to transparency and accountability in the activities and events, to pay attention to international relations and to strive to become a destination of science centre for Turkish citizens living abroad, to foster European Union accession process of Turkey without losing the basic values in order to enable Turkey to attain the level of contemporary civilization, to provide job satisfaction of academic and administrative staff are all basic values of the University.



Why Üsküdar University
Üsküdar University has no alternative in the clinical and practical environment that present opportunities for students who are interested in Psychology and Behavioural Health Sciences.
In Bioengineering, Üsküdar University is second to none offering clinical and research opportunities such as the production of Brain Battery, Neurostimulation and Neuroimaging laboratories and Health Physics Studies.
In Computer Engineering field, Üsküdar University has no alternative in the clinical infrastructure required for studies on the Brain computer Interface (BCI) and artificial intelligence.
Üsküdar University will be providing the training of “Software Psychology” focusing on the development of User-Friendly Software.
We attain the human resources that are experienced and knowledgeable to encourage and maintain necessary developments for the Social Services and Paediatric.
We possess the infrastructure that will enable the clinical experience in Neuropsychiatry for the programs in the Faculty of Health Sciences and in the Vocational School of Health Services.
We adopt an understanding of “professional intelligence”, in Healthcare Management Department.
Üsküdar University has no alternative for those who pursue a career in “Behavioural Genetics” in Molecular Biology and Genetics fields.
We offer our students the opportunities to pursue double major degree and minor programs.
We are quite experienced in Child and Adolescent Mental Health, Family Counselling, and Mind Training.
We provide our students with a variety of scholarship options.
Üsküdar University adopts a multidisciplinary approach in Psychology, Philosophy, Health, Genetics, and Engineering Sciences.

Quick Facts
43.000 BOOKS