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About University

OSTİM Technical University has set itself the vision of being the “university of industry”. In strong cooperation with business, industry and society; the university of industry covers;

  • Providing education, research and application infrastructure and facilities in accordance with international standards to its students, especially in the fields of design and training with latest manufacturing systems and innovative technologies,
  • Having the knowledge and equipment required by the competitive business world; A graduate having values as self-confidence, completed self-improvement, experience, innovative, entrepreneurial, high cultural awareness and embracing human values.
  • Playing an active role to increase science and technology development competency of our country,
  • Taking the responsibility for the development of our region and our country by producing original projects and solutions,

The objectives of the university is

  • To be skill oriented and to give priority to gain professional competence in education and training in the university,
  • Being learning-centered,
  • Ensuring active participation of stakeholders, particularly the industrial sector, students and alumni, in decision-making, implementation and review processes,
  • Based on on-the-job learning,
  • Establish mechanisms for the development of patent, utility model, industrial design, brand development capacity and royalty capacity on the basis of university’s cooperation with industry and operate them effectively,
  • Constructing intellectual property capacity, research competence and entrepreneurship & innovation, aiming at economic contribution and commercialization as the main axes of University activities,
  • Adopting support for development by ensuring that the production of knowledge at the University is project and research based as the basis of the research and publication philosophy of the University, and that the information produced allows the application and commercialization.
  • Targeting for students to graduate as individuals with high social responsibility and cultural awareness, embracing human values, with self-confidence and completed self-improvement.

Ensure that all qualifications of the university are included in the national database of qualifications.



Why OSTIM Technical University

OSTIMTech is a higher education institution located in the heart of the business world, industry and public sector.

It is a third generation, entrepreneurial and innovative university.

Offers an applied and practical training model.

Skill, knowledge, behavior and competence are the basic priorities as a university culture.

It has a higher education model based on education, research, innovation, entrepreneurship, social benefit and development.

It has adopted the education system based on learning by experience, in which theoretical knowledge is constructed with a versatile practical approach.

It has an innovative perspective focused on producing original projects and solutions, where entrepreneurship is prioritized.

Aims to integrate into the entrepreneurship ecosystem with the entrepreneurship scorecard and create business opportunities.

Students graduate with work experience.

Provides qualified and scientific research with its modern manufacturing area and equipped laboratories located within the university.

Makes career planning for the student from his/her past to the future.

Creates a strong cooperation between the business-industry-society with the concept of being the university of industry.

Creates training, internship and project opportunities through international collaborations.

Enables social responsibility projects that meet the requirements of the competitive business world and increase social sensitivity.