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About University

Founded in 2016, Ayvansaray University includes Faculty of Fine Arts, Design and Architecture, Faculty of Engineering, Faculty of Economics, Administrative and Social Sciences, Institute of Social Sciences, Institute of Science, School of Applied Sciences and Plato College of Higher Education. Currently, with 8 graduate, 12 undergraduate and 34 associate degree programs, and a teaching system with its own schools and unique model, in which science, art and design are interpreted together, to raise self-confident graduates who pursue only the future in life, who have adopted the entrepreneurship culture, Istanbul Ayvansaray University continues to work.

Istanbul Avyansaray University aims to become a centre of excellence in the field of Art and Design and to combine the historical location with cultural heritage and to establish the concept of university on scientific and social values.
Istanbul Ayvansaray University, continuing its works in a manner that adopts universal and contemporary values, integrates them with local values and creates its own school and with a quality understanding based on continuous development. By reinterpreting the relationship between science, art and design, it adopts an education and training system in which all three co-exist in harmony.



Why Istanbul Ayvansaray University
14 Master, 12 Bachelor, 38 Associate Programs;
Education system with a unique model where science, art and design are interpreted together;
University combining historical and cultural heritage;
A sense of quality based on continuous improvement.

Quick Facts
3 Campus
31 Plato Art Exhibition
34 Laboratories and Studios
35 Student Clubs