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About University

Istanbul Arel University is a young university that has started giving education following a period of intense preparatory work. During this period, departments and programmes were established, based on a broad educational experience and considering the fields in which our country requires qualified employees.

Istanbul Arel University aims to conduct education, research and social service activities in line with international quality standards and raise individuals who are devoted to the principles and reforms of Mustafa Kemal Atatürk and the values of the Republic, who identify themselves as global citizens, adhere to the rule of law, respect ethical principles, human rights and diversity and possess critical and creative thinking skills.

Istanbul Arel University’s vision is to become an internationally recognised contemporary education and research institution that raises individuals who can identify and analyse the ever-changing social, cultural, economic and technological requirements and carry out innovative scientific research and professional activities in order to meet these requirements.



Quick Facts
53 Student Associations
84 Laboratories
10 Sports Facilities
177 Associate Degree Program
145 Undergraduate Program
48 Master’s degree
8 phD Program
188 Instructor
23 Associate Professor
50 Research Assistant
59 Professor
7 Foreign Academician
149 Doctor Faculty Member