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About University

Fenerbahçe University is a private university located at the heart of Istanbul that believes in the process of globalization and intercultural communication.

“Fenerbahçe Education, Culture and Health Foundation”, founded by Fenerbahçe Sports Club, has obtained the permission of the establishment of Fenerbahçe University from the Council of Higher Education. The university has gained the public legal personality with the act published in the Official Gazette dated November 24, 2016.

Fenerbahce University offers 11 undergraduate programs under 5 faculties and welcomes all international students.

All the educational programs of Fenerbahçe University are based on the Bologna Process. In order to ensure the recognition of student mobility and competences in the international arena, the programmes and curriculum have been prepared on the basis of the international qualifications framework. ECTS is used for credit distribution.

The University’s International Office (IO) assists and guides international students throughout their undergraduate studies. The IO provides support for the students to integrate into social and educational life so that they can enjoy their time at FBU without breaking the rhythm of life.

Fenerbahçe University Career Centre helps its students to determine their career goals according to their expectations and skills and helps realize these goals during their university education.



Why Fenerbahçe University
1. High scholarship rate; Fenerbahçe University gives everyone access to quality education with high scholarship rates.
2. Fenerbahçe University educates future leaders with strong academic staff and research / project-oriented education model.
3. Fenerbahçe University is scientific; adopts the philosophy of science. Think analytically, examines and solves problems.
4. Fenerbahçe is a universal brand with its 112 years of historical heritage and international recognition. Fenerbahçe University diploma allows to get a job anywhere in the world.
5. Fenerbahçe University is at the centre of Istanbul social life. It offers a pleasant, safe and high-quality life in Kadıköy and Ataşehir hinterlands.
6. Fenerbahçe University provides internship, work and career opportunities while still a student in collaboration with Medicana Group.
7. Fenerbahçe University is cyclical; adopts the principle of “unity in diversity” that is sustainable, humane, free and holistic.
8. Fenerbahçe University trains highly skilled and qualified human resources in the format demanded by global labour markets.
9. Fenerbahçe University has a social responsibility; It takes part in projects that provide social benefit and public interest to humanity, nature, animal and plant.
10. Fenerbahçe University student is intellectual; multicultural, multi-social and world citizen.
11. Fenerbahçe University student is a good person: embraces universal, national and self-values.

Quick Facts
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