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Dogus University believes that ‘the future is entrusted to the youth and the youth is entrusted to education’.

Dogus is a foundation university, established by the Dogus Educational Institution in 1995. The university has adopted the concept of ‘total quality management’ regarding education, research, administration and community services and has been providing a high quality education since 1997.

Since its foundation, Dogus University has been working towards becoming a world renown university with its 31 Undergraduate programmes in 5 faculties, 18 Associate’s degree programmes in the vocational school, 17 Graduate programmes and 7 Doctorate programmes in two institutes.

Following their vision of becoming a world renowned university Dogus aims for perfection in education, research and contribution to society. Dogus University has gained a successful place in the higher education area in a short time not only in Turkey, but it has also been rapidly gaining international recognition.

Dogus University works with leading universities in Europe, America and Asia through Erasmus exchange agreements, bilateral academic collaborations and scientific project partnerships,

From 1997 to the present day, Dogus University has provided and will continue to provide a high quality education with its distinguished academic staff.



Why Dogus University
As the Bologna Process has been implemented by the Dogus University, full recognition of courses, transcripts in ECTS credits, grades and Diploma Supplement are given to incoming/outgoing students.
Web of Science data and URAP reports show that Dogus University is ranked among the best 2000 universities in the world and among the best 3 foundation universities (without a medical school) in Istanbul.
According to the URAP Center* reports that have been published since 2010, Dogus University has been among the top 9 private universities in İstanbul and top 14 private universities in Turkey.
According to Academic Ranking of World Universities (ARWU), Dogus University has been placed in 201-300th rank among the best 1.000 universities due to the studies in the field of physics.
Our students who complete the English Preparatory Programme successfully are entitled to get ‘Pearson Assured Certificate’ which has internationally recognition.
Dogus University is located a very central part of Istanbul making it easy to reach the cultural, historical and natural attractions of the city as well as shopping malls, arts and culture centres, cafes, banks, hospitals.

Quick Facts
– 45 Programmes
– 46 Students Clubs
– 2 Campus