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Beykent University is a social and living university who believes in lifelong learning and provides education with innovative perspectives on learning and teaching.

Beykent is a foundation university in Istanbul which was established by the Adem Çelik – Beykent Education Foundation in 1997, with a vision of becoming a global higher education institution.

Beykent has agreements with European universities under the Socrates and Erasmus programmes. The university offers education on four highly equipped campuses and delivers an outstanding learning experience with 72 Associate Degree Programmes, 69 Undergraduate Programmes and over 50 Postgraduate Programmes.

There are 10 Faculties, 4 Higher Education Colleges, 2 Institutes, 3 Research Centres, The Continuing Education & Career Centre and the Distance Education Centre. The university offers high standard accommodations with its hostels that are located right next to the campuses.

The total population of the university is 29,000 of which 900 are international students.

Beykent is a university that raises qualified individuals with the ability to use their professional skills for the benefit of society anywhere in the world.

Students can choose from the many courses and study options that Beykent University has to offer. The programs are offered in both English and Turkish languages.



Why Beykent University
Internationalization is one of the main objectives of the Beykent University.

Student Oriented and One to One Education
Buddy System for International Students
Opportunities for Having Two Diplomas
Scholarship to All International Students
Study Abroad Opportunites
Centrally Located Campuses
Highly Knowledgeable Staff
Career Centre
Summer Study Abroad Programmes

Quick Facts
– 136 Programmes
– 60 Students Clubs
– 4 Campus
– 10 Research Center