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Studying at a Turkish university will be one of the most exciting times of your life. Ensure you are prepared with our application guide to studying in Turkey.

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Register with StudyGoTurkey to apply to the programmes of our partner universities, or to contact your favourite universities for further information.


Choose a Program and University

The process for applying to study at a university depends on whether you want to study an undergraduate degree or postgraduate degree. Undergraduate courses are commonly known as Associate or Bachelor degrees. Postgraduate courses are known as Masters degrees and PhD. You can choose a programmes from the options listed in the Programmes or Universities sections. You need to decide if you want to study the programme of your choice at a state or at a foundation university before filling in the application form. Be careful about the medium of the instruction of the programme; Turkish, English or other languages.


Learn about Scholarships and Financing

You can also get information about the scholarships and financial conditions for the programme you have chosen. If you want a scholarship to study in Turkey, you have many different options. However, keep in mind that the opportunities and rewards offered by the institutions granting scholarships vary. You can find out more about the available scholarships and special offers on the official website of your selected university or on this site at partner universities section. If the program you have chosen belongs to a state university you can get a consultancy service from this site to apply and to get approval. If the university is a foundation university you can see the tuition fees with the list of the programmes. You can get special offers from our partner universities.


Check Examination Requirements

There may be requirements such as a university entrance exam, language score or skill test required for the programme you choose in order to be admitted to study in Turkey. In addition to the internationally recognized exams, universities may require you to submit the scores of the exams you took in your country.


Prepare Your Application Documents

After choosing a university, all you have to do is to collect the required application documents. At the application management section of this site you will be asked to upload necessary documents. Some universities determine their own exam conditions for the admission of international students.


Apply Online

You can apply online for the programmes of the universities using the following link.


Get Offer Letter

You will get an offer and pre acceptance letter if you are found eligible to attend the programmes. You will find the necessary information and procedures to follow to get registered to the programme including the tuition fee, scholarship, payment, visa, travel and the dates.


Make The Necessary Payment To Get Letter Of Approval

You are supposed the make the initial payment to the account of the university to get approval / acceptance letter explaining that you have been accepted to the programme and asking for help to get visa.


Apply For Student Visa

Before coming to study in Turkey, you need to get a student visa from the nearest Consulate of the Republic of Turkey. Student visa procedures can take time and therefore it is important that you apply for a student visa as soon as you are admitted to your selected university.


Plan Your Travel and Get Registered

Pay attention to the dates stated at the approval letter and plan your travel to be at the university at that time to get registered.


Get Your Residence Permit

Once you get registered to the university you will get help from the international office of your university in obtaining residence permit.